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5 Easy Fixes to Enhance Your PC Performance After Installing Antivirus

5 Easy Fixes to Enhance Your PC Performance After Installing Antivirus

When it comes to improving your PC in some way, sometimes simple tweaks are just worth trying. You can also drag these tabs between windows. Please follow this procedure to revert to XP-style Alt + Tab menu. On the flip side, Edge is now just another Chromium-based browser. When I was using my surface pro as much primary drawing table, working on ir for hours at a time, I constantly struggled with my hand and fingers going numb. When your computer is running short of storage space, the Storage Sense deletes the junk files, including the data stored on the recycle bin.

4. On the policy configuration window, you can set the policy to Disabled state to prevent users from configuring and using Storage Sense feature. This also includes the Downloads folder, but you can change that if you don’t want Storage Sense emptying it. If you’ve noticed some odd CPU behavior since installing the latest cumulative update for the Windows 10 May 2019 Update , you’re not alone. This policy setting allows you to control whether users receive notifications for auto restarts for update installations including reminder and warning notifications.

Gone are the flat taskbar labels and fiddly Quick Launch icons next to the Start button; in come bold, chunky icons sitting in a beefed-up taskbar. Using these Windows 10 notifications and actions settings, you can customize your app notifications. This is by far the easiest one to turn off Windows 10 Shared Experiences. Name the key DoNotUpdateToEdgeWithChromium and press Enter. Specify deadline before auto-restart for update installation.

Most notebooks have a built-in camera that windows enable by default; this can be incredibly dangerous since hackers use them to record and extort users with compromising videos. In Windows 10, you can reach this utility by going to your start menu and scrolling to Windows Administrative Tools to click the disk cleanup button. Choose the Hardware tab and click Device Installation Settings. Well, it lets you send links from the supported apps such as web browsers, YouTube, Pinterest, and more from your iPhone to the Windows PC. By doing so, the links will open directly on your system.

Underneath the hard drives you will see the new option called Storage Sense”. In this guide, we’ll show you the steps to stop Windows Update from trying to install the browser on Windows 10 automatically. Set age restrictions on apps, games, and media acquired through the Windows and Xbox stores. They are moved to the Recycle Bin instead and continue to take up space on your hard drive. You must be signed in as an administrator to enable or disable the acrylic blur effect on the sign-in screen background.

However, window layouts are not limited to being one of these statically defined list of Elements. For the setting to be effective, the Allow Telemetry setting must not be set to 0. For more information on managing telemetry settings in Windows 10, see Windows 10 Tip: Manage Telemetry Settings on Petri. Once you change the policy, the Microsoft store will be disabled. Using an admin account the defprof utility overwrites the Default user profile with that of the template.

Scroll down and locate the service named Windows Update. Windows 10 can proactively determine which processes need to be throttled to conserve battery life. Use the Show or Hide Updates Tool in Windows 10 to block the particular driver update. For all the users, while I can’t tell you the count of the number of times someone has said "thank you for PySimpleGUI" as part of logging and Issue, or a private message or email, but I can tell you that it’s been significant.

What this means is that if you set up two accounts in Windows, an Administrator and a User, then the Administrator account is the only one that can change the internal clock time. If you need your devices to remain on their current feature update beyond when deferrals would allow or until the current OS version reaches end of service, then you should specify a specific version for the device to stay on until end of service or until the policy is changed to a newer Windows 10 feature update.

Then name it as AltTabSettings. Here is an exact listing of the settings that I use that allows me to control exact when updates will automatically updated on my systems. You will receive a text message with the link for the Android app. Pushing the new Edge as something to look forward to right now is difficult—we suspect most people who really care about their browser will continue using Chrome, Firefox, or whatever less-well-known variant they’ve found and learned to love.

Now using this local account, the users without having a Microsoft account can easily access your device and can do their work without any issues. click on the Advanced Setting” option from the left-hand side of the screen. The Group Policy Editor used in a Windows domain environment allows a network administrator to control the settings on all the computers in the network. The Surface Go’s display works well for the Windows 10 software.

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